Hartebeespoort – The executive Mayor of Madibeng Local Municipality, Ward Councillors and Members of Mayoral Committees recently visited Sunway Hartbeespoort as part of the mayoral outreach programme.

The purpose of the mayoral outreach programme was to give feedback on a number of service delivery issues affecting Sunway, Refentse and TenRooms

Amongst key important service delivery issues the Executive Mayor spoke about electricity challenges that these communities are facing. She told the community which braved the chilling weather that Madibeng Local Municipality has started engagements with the City of Tshwane Municipality who is the licensed municipality to electrify the areas.

She explained to the community that, these settlements, in terms of municipal demarcations falls under Madibeng Local Municipality, however it is the City of Tshwane which is licenced to electrify all three areas.

With this arrangement in place, this communities should not be worse off, than other areas which existed under the same arrangement, said the mayor.

The Executive Mayor proceeded by informing the community that the municipality is fully aware that they have illegally connected themselves on the City of Tshwane electricity grid and she cannot condone such a behaviour irrespective of their circumstances. The reason that I am here today, is to have a dialogue with you on all the challenges you are facing and facilitate a solution that will serve the community and the municipality.

The Executive Mayor summed up her address by informing community that: the municipality has approached the City of Tshwane to formalise the connection in Sunway by supplying bulk connection point in order for the municipality to formerly reticulate the area.

This intervention must be considered short term, until such time Madibeng Local Municipality construct its own substation, which will upgrade the supply to an unlimited supply. There is already an approved funding to reticulate and connect all households with prepaid meters. Discussions are already underway between the two municipalities, said the mayor

On Water and Sanitation services, the Executive Mayor told those in attendance that: As you are all aware of the progress made on water reticulation in Sunway and Refentse, sanitation remains a challenge. The construction of sewage bulk pipe line has been stopped by the local farmers as it passes through their farms to the Rietfontein Waste Water Treatment Works.

As a temporarily measure the pipe line has been diverted to a package plant by the developer of which is not environmentally friendly. This challenge is currently looked at by both the municipality and the department of Local Government Human Settlement.

The situation in Refentse is similar to that of Sunway which the sewage pipeline is currently under dispute. As a relieve measure the municipality is investigating the installation of a sceptic tank to accommodate Refentse while the expropriation process is still underway

People should know that to have an RDP house is their right so they cannot buy their right” said Chief Weep Klass Simon.

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