Acting Director: Mr Molewa Mahache 

Core Function: Water and Sanitation Services; Electricity; Roads and Storm Water and Project Management

Key Contacts:

Secretary: Elze Botha

Tel: 012 318 9380



Water Supply and Treatment



Madibeng Local Municipality owns and operate two Water Treatment Works, treating a combined capacity of 70 Megalitres per day. Water supply is also augmented by the boreholes and Rand water with capacity of 35 Megalitres per day.

Water is abstracted from the Hartbeespoort Dam and it utilises conventional water treatment process which includes coagulation, flocculation, Dissolved Air Floatation, Filtration and Disinfection. The Municipality operates a total of 33 sewer pump-station and 4 water booster pumps.



Madibeng Local Municipality is currently a custodian of 4 wastewater treatment works, treating a combined capacity of some 25 megalitres (million litres) of wastewater per day.

Activated sludge processes, designed for biological nutrient removal or biological filtration processes and combinations thereof are generally employed in the purification of the wastewater. The designed capacity of the individual works, based on the average dry weather flow rate, varies from 0, 4 Megalitres to as high as 14 Megalitres per day.


Green/Blue drop

The Department of Water and Sanitation, in late 2008, introduced an incentive base regulation named Blue and Green Drop certification program for water and wastewater treatment works. This initiative is an effort to ensure that they progressively improve their operations so as not to impact negatively on the water bodies into which they discharge their product and water distributed to communities.

The programme aims at awarding water services authorities with Blue and/or Green Drop Status if they comply with drinking water and wastewater legislation and other best practices required by DWS. This incentive-based regulatory approach is a first for South Africa, and is internationally regarded as unique in the drinking water regulatory domain.

Madibeng Local Municipality is developing systems to enable it to continuously improve and to track progress towards the organisational strategy of achieving Green and Blue Drop certification for all our WWTW’s and WTW.

  • Documents

  • Water and Sanitation by-laws

  • Guideline for Human Settlement Planning and Design Vol 2

  • Water Quality results

Technical Operations Centre (TOC)

Please contact the 7:30-16:00-hour Technical Operation Centre to report and Emergency Centre after hours

  • Burst pipes and water leaks

  • Faulty water meter

  • Blocked and overflowing sewer

  • Pollution to storm-water and river

Illegal use of water (dampening of building sand, hosing down paved areas, watering outside stipulated hours, tampering with water connections) missing or stolen manhole cover can be reported on the below numbers:

Tel: 012 318 – 9665/9351

Emergency Tel: 0860 103 784/ (012) 250 2222/2126

Account enquiries Tel: 012 318 – 9665/9351



  • Where to Pay Your Electricity

  • Disconnections and Reconnections

  • Load shedding Schedules

  • Electricity By-Laws

  • Tariffs


  • Contact numbers 0123189383

  • Report Potholes and drainage

  • By-Laws and policy documents

  • Request for Wayleaves

  • Request for second entrances


PMU is the unit within Technical Services Department that is mainly responsible for coordination, facilitation and implementation of capital projects within the municipality. The following constitute inter-alia the responsibilities;

  • Monitoring compliance in terms of available legislations related to projects implementation

  • Project conceptualization and planning

  • Funding solicitation for capital projects

  • Registration of projects with relevant authorities

  • Monitoring and reporting on capital projects implementation

  • Facilitating and conduction of project stakeholder engagements

  • Maximise poverty alleviation efforts through job creation during project implementation

  • Ensuring completion of projects within the timeframe and budget.